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Picture of Rawan Al-Abdallat
ThinkZinc: Career options in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields
by Rawan Al-Abdallat - Monday, 27 April 2015, 8:10 AM

Dear Grade 10 and 11,

ZINC invited you to attend the following event (ThinkZinc: Career options in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields).

The main guest will be from NASA (Ms. Nagin Cox from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California). it helps you to choose a ...

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Dr. Mahomud Alkadri
بطاقة دعوة لأهالي الطلبة المشاركين بالجائزة
by Mahmoud Al-Kadri - Saturday, 25 April 2015, 3:26 PM


بطاقة دعوة 

يَسرُ قسم الدراسات الدينية دعوتكم لحضور التصفيات النهائية لمسابقة "جائزة الأكاديمية الدولية - عمان لحفظ القرآن الكريم

 التي سوف تقام على مسرح الأكاديمية يوم الأحد الموافق  26 نيسان  2015م.

من الساعة التاسعة صباحاً وحتى الساعة الثانية بعد الظهر.  

أهلاً وسهلاً بكم  ،،         ...

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Picture of Yaaseen Hoozeer
Grade 10 Personal Project Exhibition
by Yaaseen Hoozeer - Monday, 20 April 2015, 9:48 PM

The exhibition will take place in the MPR on Thursday 23rd April 2015 between 8.15-2pm.

We look forward to see you all.

Mr Yaaseen

Picture of Ramzi Darwazeh
by Ramzi Darwazeh - Friday, 17 April 2015, 1:28 PM

Welcome Back!

All students attending MASMUN MUST attend the meeting Sunday after school. We will meet in the usual location (Ms. Hanin's room).

ALL chairs (Zaya, Christina, Najati, Ghina and Tala) are also required to attend.


If you do not have a country yet, please come and see me!

Reminder: You must have already paid. If you did not pay you have until Monday to pay.

Attached- Country and committee list